Weekday lunches are so often a disappointing affair – but they don’t have to be!

With over 90 ideas for grown-up packed lunches, salads, snacks and more, every recipe in this book has been specially designed to help you use your lunchtime better- to recharge, get the nutrients you need and ensure your energy stays high throughout the day.

Chapters include:

  • Get Up and Go for those breakfasts on the run
  • Salads and Slaws for all seasons
  • Filling Flasks of satisfying hot food
  • Fork-free meals are sandwiches, dips and other cutlery-free eats
  • Snacks and Bites for the in-between times and treats

Packed with expert nutritional advice as well as time-saving tips and shopping strategies, it’s never been easier to whip up work day lunches that leave you feeling great.

Published by Nourish

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Out February 2017

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