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Save money on a food intolerance test and personalised nutritional advice. You’ll receive the Foodprint 60 test (RRP £162) which looks for reactions to 60 common foods. Plus you’ll have a 75 minute consultation with Michelle Lake (RRP £75). This will cost you only £215 (a saving of £22 on the full price). If you wish to pay by bank transfer please contact Michelle directly at michelle@mission-nutrition.co.uk

Is your diet making you ill?
Do you suffer from anxiety, headaches, bloating, asthma, diarrhoea, depression, weight control issues or other symptoms you can’t seem to eradicate? If so, there’s a strong chance you have a food intolerance.

Is food intolerance the same as an allergy?
No, they cause different chemical reactions in your body. An allergy can trigger a life-threatening response within seconds. An intolerance, on the other hand, is not life-threatening, but more common and can cause very unpleasant symptoms that can build up over time. It is now believed that food intolerances are linked to an IgG immune response in the body, caused by an accumulation of antibodies. This is distinct from the classic allergic IgE reaction.

How common are allergies and intolerances?
Some experts suggest that up to 45% of the population suffer from an intolerance to one or more foods. Only 2.5 per cent of the population suffer from an allergy (and the most common allergies are to shellfish and nuts).

Which test would Mission Nutrition recommend to detect a common food intolerance?
The CNS Foodprint 60 test, which is a laboratory based test using Genarrayt microarray technology (the new gold standard in food IgG testing). It analyses a tiny sample of your blood to identify your problem foods. It detects and measures IgG antibodies to 60 different foods.

‘My daughter was in pain due to food intolerances’

Debbie, 38, from Harpenden, spent nine years trying to find out what was wrong with her daughter. Then she met Michelle Lake…
“My daughter had unexplained stomach pains, which often kept her off school, and we’d spent years seeing endless doctors without any success. Then I came across Michelle, through a personal recommendation. Through testing, Michelle identified a parastic infection and numerous food intolerances. She then devised an effective dietary and supplement programme. Within eight weeks, she managed to resolve the issues and my daughter, now 13, has not suffered from any pain since! Michelle is professional, knowledgeable and her support was invaluable. I now have a happy, healthy daughter and would highly recommend Michelle.”

What does the test involve?
The test requires a tiny pinprick of blood which can be collected at home. Both you and Michelle will receive a detailed and accurate report of the most reactive foods within 10 working days.

Which foods are tested?
Almond, apple, avocado, barley, basil, bean (white haricot), beef, peppercorns (b/w), blackberry, brazil nut, broccoli, brussel sprout, cabbage, carrot, cashew nut, cauliflower, cherry, chicken, cod, corn (maize), cow’s milk, crab, durum wheat, egg white, egg yolk, garlic, ginger, gliadin, goat’s milk, grape, grapefruit, haddock, hazlenut, lamb, lemon, lime, lobster, mushroom, mustard seed, oat, orange, oyster, pea, peanut, pear, pineapple, pistachio, plaice, pork, potato, raspberry, red chilli, rice, rye flour, salmon, shrimp/prawn, soya bean, strawberry, trout, tuna, turkey, wheat, yeast (bakers), yeast (brewers).
Please note – vegetarian, vegan, 120+ & 200+ food tests are also available. Please call or e-mail Michelle for further information.

Who analyses the tests for you?
Cambridge Nutritional Sciences (CNS). Michelle Lake has been successfully using their tests with her clients for over four years. She says: “I have found them highly efficient and great value for money. They provide diagnostic tests for hospitals, clinics and laboratories all over the world.”

What happens once I’ve placed an order via PayPal on this page?
Michelle will be in touch within one working day to arrange a convenient consultation time – if not, please assume that there is a processing error and contact Michelle directly. You should receive your test kit within a week. NB: Make sure your PayPal email is still valid, as that’s the one we’ll use to contact you! If you have any concerns, or would like to discuss whether testing would be suitable for you, just drop us an email.

What happens next?
You will be asked to complete and return a detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire. Then once the test results are back, and you have returned your questionnaire, you will have a consultation with Michelle. During your session, she will advise you on how to replace the most reactive foods whilst maintaining a healthy and enjoyable diet. Food intolerances are often just part of the picture and Michelle will suggest other possible underlying causes for your specific health conditions and devise a personalised programme with supplementation where appropriate.

‘Chocolate and cappuccinos were making me ill!’

Melanie, 43, an actress from London suffered six months of symptoms, including stomach cramps, headaches, nausea, sickness and exhaustion. Then she took a food intolerance test…
“At first the symptoms were low level and non-specific, but as they got worse I began to worry. A friend suggested trying a food intolerance test. It indicated I was mildly intolerant to egg white and cocoa beans – which horrified me as I love chocolate. The test also showed I had a severe intolerance to cow’s milk, and my heart sank as I love cappuccinos. I changed my diet, finding some lovely dairy-free ice-cream in the process. Now, I’m free of symptoms for the first time in a year!”

About Michelle Lake

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