So what’s it all about?
Mission Nutrition offers nutritional advice, with a no-nonsense approach. Scientific research has shown that diet and lifestyle play a huge part in many health problems ranging from low energy and mood disorders, to infertility and heart disease. Mission Nutrition will help put you in charge of your own health, by advising you on the best food and supplements to give your mind, body and soul a boost.

What happens before a consultation?
Michelle Lake, your nutritional therapist, will send you a detailed questionnaire to complete and return to provide details of your health, lifestyle and diet. Don’t be embarrassed (she will have seen it all before!) and answer as honestly as you can. All the information that you provide is completely confidential. If you require a children’s form, please contact Michelle. You can download the form for adults below.

What happens during a consultation?
Michelle may ask further questions, depending on what you have mentioned on your form. She will then use all the information you have supplied to analyse your current diet and the impact it could be having on your health. She will discuss any underlying imbalances that could be leading to health problems. Michelle will then work with you to devise a nutritional programme for your needs. Together, you will agree on a practical nutritional and lifestyle strategy to address any concerns. Michelle will provide you with recipes and meal ideas to take away. She may also recommend nutritional supplements, which will be available to you at trade prices.

‘Michelle gave me wonderful sound advice’

Julia, 48, a marketing executive from St Albans, says: “I went to Michelle for advice on nutrition and general well being. She showed a detailed knowledge of her subject and gave me some wonderful sound advice. She has a lovely personality and manner and always takes time and care. I would highly recommend Michelle.”

What happens after a consultation?
Once embarking upon a programme, we usually recommend that you have a further two appointments, four to six weeks apart, to keep you on track. This will give you the full benefit from your nutritional programme. In between appointments you can e-mail Michelle if you have any queries.

Do you ever recommend further diagnostic testing?
Yes, it can occasionally be helpful, to identify food allergies, intolerances or parasites. We also use testing to assess liver, adrenal, digestive, cardiovascular or thyroid function. Tests are sent off to a highly reputable laboratory for analysis – we use Cambridge Nutritional Sciences and Genova Diagnostics – and the cost may be covered by your private medical insurance. If we have serious concerns about your health, we would always recommend that you see your GP asap.

If I come to you, will I have to stop my medical treatment?
No, absolutely not! We’re  very happy to work with other experts, including GPs, consultants, and complementary therapists, and we would never, ever recommend stopping any treatment or prescribed medication. We work with the medical profession, not against them, and can help support you through your treatment.

Will you ban cakes and cappuccinos and make me eat curly kale?
Don’t panic! At Mission Nutrition we love food and don’t want to take away your eating pleasure. Michelle won’t ban foods, she’ll help you find healthy delicious alternatives. She’ll guide you on where to buy these foods and how to prepare them in the time you have available. Just check out her recipes on this website. You may be particularly interested in her tasty apple and cinnamon cake... and try this little pick-me-up in the morning instead of your usual coffee. And by the way – you should give curly kale a whirl, it’s fabulous in stir-fries and packed with calcium, vitamins, minerals and other good stuff.

‘Michelle got to the bottom of my problems’

Sally, 60, from St Albans, is an holistic therapist. She says: “I went to see nutritionist Michelle about digestive issues which I had been experiencing for years. The condition was very disruptive and distressing with frequent dashing to the bathroom. Michelle recommended a Parisitology test which showed that I did indeed have an unwelcome guest (the NHS hadn’t picked it up with their tests). She then suggested foods and supplements to help eradicate the parasite and heal my gut. I am happy to say that my digestion is quite normal now and I can go about my day with ease. Please don’t wait as long as I did – I wish I’d seen Michelle much sooner. She has a lovely personality and is a very good, patient listener.”

About Michelle Lake

wp-admin Hi, I run Mission Nutrition, and I'm a nutritional therapist/ nutritionist helping people all over St Albans & Hertfordshire feel happier & healthier. If your diet needs an overhaul, come and see me for a nutrition consultation! Tel: 01727 893 042 / 01727 869 929 or email michelle@mission-nutrition.co.uk