Have a SMASH-ing lunch!

Nude Food Movers come to St Albans

We’re really lucky to have the SMASH UK headquarters and shop in St Albans; it’s a treasure trove of all things ‘packed lunch’. If you’re not local, don’t worry SMASH supply their innovative products to nationwide stores like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Dunelm, Waitrose and Toys R Us.

Environmentally sound
SMASH Enterprises was born in Australia but is now a worldwide brand. The Nude Food Range is dedicated to the philosophy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This cleverly designed range eliminates the need for additional wrapping so reduces rubbish significantly, saving you money and protecting the planet at the same time. So you can stop buying high priced individual items like yogurt pots, cheese strings or tiny packets of dried fruit. All SMASH products are high quality, BPA free, and tested to all European and USDA food safe standards.

Something for every lunch
A fabulous packed lunch needs fabulous packing. Nobody wants soup to leak all over their bag or a limp and lifeless salad by lunchtime. In a bid for more variety and nutritious lunches there’s a move away from monotonous daily sandwiches and people are choosing soups, salads, dips and interesting snacks to fuel them through the day. These types of foods need more than tin foil and a Tupperware box to make sure they arrive at school or work in tip-top condition.

Tried and tested
Over the past few weeks my family and I have enjoyed road testing several Nude Food Movers. Here are just some of the clever products designed by SMASH to help pack all the family’s lunches whatever takes their fancy. Check out the smart features which make these products so great e.g. hinged lids which keep food fresher and mean no more lost lids and handy integrated cooler packs, cutlery and dressing pots

Smash Slimline Bento £5.00
Inspired by Japanese Bento boxes, the slimline Bento allows you to carry ingredients separately 
and is perfect if you like a little variety at lunchtime.
It has six compartments; one larger compartment you could use for bread, crackers, rice or quinoa, 2 smaller compartments for cheese, fish, meat, boiled eggs or veggies and 3 mini compartments for dips, more veggies or fruit- the choice is yours!
I use mine to get rid of odds and ends to create a deli-style lunch such as veggie sticks, olives, sundried tomatoes, cold meat and houmous
Leak proof – the silicone seal prevents leaks and spills between compartments
Easy to clean – it is safe to put in the top rack of your dishwasher
Slimline and lightweight – it won’t take up valuable room in school bags or laptop cases and will easily slip into a fridge or desk.

Smash Nude Food Yoghurt Mover £6.00

This brilliant yoghurt pot has a removeable gel wall which you freeze overnight so your yoghurt snack stays cool and fresh for several hours without the need for a fridge at work. Spoon in some creamy Greek yogurt, chopped fruit and a few pumpkin seeds for a delicious healthy snack or breakfast.
Leakproof – an internal suction seal prevents leaks and spills when in transit.
Integrated spoon- Removable spoon easily connects to the silicone band for easy transport
Built-in cooler system– freeze the removeable gel wall

Smash Nude Food Meal Box £7.00

If you have access to a microwave at work and like to use up your leftovers this is the product for you. Generously sized, it is perfect for transporting and reheating food like curry, pasta or stews. It can also be used for cold food.
Integrated fork – fits into the lid of the container
Microwave vent – press down on the vent when microwaving – this avoids splashing.
Integrated dressing pot- Perfectly sized for your favourite dressing, sauce or salsa

Smash Nude Food Salad Mover £:6.00

This funky box allows you to create an impeccable and satisfying salad. The handy 2-part shelf lets you separate dry, wet or heavy ingredients like fish, beans or olives. It also has an integrated screw top container for dressings or sauces. Simply construct your perfect lunch when it’s time to eat. I loved the hinged lid – no more orphaned lidless lunchboxes!
Dressing pot- Perfectly sized for your favourite dressing, sauce or salsa
Hinged lid – keeps food fresher and lids won’t get lost
Compartment shelf – Perfect for separating dry, wet or heavy ingredients
Hot and cold- Suitable for refrigeration and reheating
Integrated fork- Built into the lid for meals on the go
Rubber feet- no slipping around

Smash Thermal Munch Pod £18.00

This stylish stainless steel food flask comes in a variety of bright colours to brighten up your lunchtime whatever your age. It’s perfect for the colder months when you want something warm like a soup, stew, curry or chillis and don’t have access to, or prefer not to use a microwave. The wide brim makes it easy to eat straight from the flask or use one of the lids which make generous sized bowls. My soup was really warm 6 hours later, as promised, which is great when you need to prepare your lunch early in the morning. The design is really sturdy to withstand the rough and tumble of a busy commute or schoolbag. This flask doesn’t come with a spoon or fork so you’ll need to remember to pack one.

  • Easy to transport – Comes with an adjustable carry strap and handle
  • Toxin-free- BPA Free, PVC free Lead free, Phthalates Free
  • Double Walled Insulation – Keeps content hot for up to 6 hours and cold for 2 hours
  • Two Lids – which double as a cup or bowl.

Smash Nude Food Brekky Mover £7.00

The lightweight Brekky in a Cup is the ideal solution when you don’t have time for breakfast at home. It has two compartments so you can fill up the base with ingredients such as muesli, oats or granola and separate other ingredients, like yoghurt, fruit ,nuts or seeds by storing these in the lid. I like to use mine for creamy overnight oats. Just fill the cup the night before with oats, almond milk and frozen berries and the lid with nuts or seeds. When it’s time to eat just combine the two together for a filling, low cost breakfast on the go. The design has been made to fit into most cup holders.

  • Easy to clean- Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Integrated spoon – Removable spoon easily connects to the silicone band for easy transport
  • No Spills – Screw top lid to prevent leaks

Smash Nude Food Snack and Dip Mover £5.00

If you love to snack on dips this is the product for you. Keep veggie sticks or crackers in the larger compartment and spreads or dips in the leak proof area. It’s a great investment that will save you a fortune on buying the overpriced plastic snack packs you find in supermarkets as well as reducing rubbish.

  • Hinged lock lid- No more lost lids, all in one, easy to open
  • Compartments -Separate your favourite foods or wet from dry
  • Spill resistant lid -The removable internal lid secures your extra wet content like dip or spreads
  • Rubber feet- no slipping around

SMASH Nude Food Snack Mover £3.00

In a range of vibrant colours this container is ideal for carrying fruit, nuts and other snacks without cling wrap. The hinged lid prevents leaks and keeps snacks fresher for longer.

  • Hinged lid- No more lost container lids

I was supplied with products form the Nude Food Movers Range free of charge in order to write an unbiased review of their products


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