Day 13 and counting!

Getting the balance right

I’ll soon be heading into my third week of a caffeine-free existence. Despite feeling more energised and less grumpy, I seriously miss my morning coffee. My daily caffeine shot often leaves me feeling hyper and agitated followed by an afternoon energy slump and yet I’d struggle to give it up completely. This is a good reminder for me of how hard it can be for clients to follow my recommendations; it’s one thing knowing what you should do but it’s much harder to put it into practice.

Clients with health issues that have a severe impact upon their daily life such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), skin conditions and hormonal imbalances often find huge relief when they identify and eliminate foods which are contributing to their problems. They are rarely tempted back to their old ways. A taste of how different we look and feel by adopting a healthier lifestyle can help us to take a more sensible approach to “the baddies” in our diet such as refined foods, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and make some changes to really feel the benefits.


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